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Backwards in Time | Forwards in Time

Title: Second-Assistant Librarian
Abhorsen Trilogy
Characters: Lirael
Prompt: # 07 - Diligence
Word Count: 460
Lirael’s total dedication to the Great Library results in an early birthday present.
All rights belong to Garth Nix and his publishers. I own nothing.
Author's Notes: No 7 in my 7 Heavenly Virtues Series.


Second-Assistant Librarian

I don’t remember ever feeling as happy as I do, right now.

For the first time since I was granted the privilege of working in the Clayr’s Great Library – back when the twins thought a job would be the best thing for me – I can honestly say my lack of ‘Sight’ isn’t bothering me in the slightest.

The yellow waistcoat of the Third-Assistant Librarians no longer clings to my chest, no longer symbolises a ‘new-girl’ who can be held responsible for little more than the occasional handful of Sendings.

No, I can’t suppress a tiny giggle of delight as I shrug enthusiastically into the red waistcoat of the Second-Assistant Librarians, buttoning it up and admiring myself in the mirror standing proud before me.

This, too, procures a wide smile. The room reflected back to me is no longer the shabby, one-roomed study I had grown to call home during my time as a Third-Assistant Librarian. No, this one’s bigger.

And better.

With its own small ensuite bathroom!

And all because I excelled at the task set out for me when I first donned the yellow jacket.

Ryelle and Sanar were right. A job was just what I needed!

I’ve surpassed everybody’s expectations because I’ve loved this job. And loved every minute of it – well, I say every minute, but the … incident … with the Stilken wasn’t much fun, thinking back on it. But apart from that … yeah, I’ve loved working in the Great Library. Deputy Librarian Ness said she was impressed by the level of dedication I was showing to my work, which is why she suggested my name for promotion to Chief Librarian Vancelle.

And now look at me! A week before my birthday – the most hated time of the year, in my opinion – and I just can’t stop smiling!

I guess it just goes to show you: those who maintain an air of diligence when they find something worth living for - something worth taking time and effort over - will always be rewarded.

Me, I would never have dreamed it possible.

But it has happened, nonetheless.

I may be ‘Sight’less - and this time next week, I will be a nineteen year old ‘Clayr’ without the Sight which I’m sure will only serve to depress me most spectacularly.

But while I may not have the Sight, and while I may not be a true Daughter of the Clayr … yet… I do have something that’s going to make sure I stick this job out until the end:

I have the red waistcoat of the Second-Assistant Librarians.

The waistcoat that I’ve earned after years of hard work, perseverance, and the appropriate display of attention to a job I love.

And I couldn’t be happier.


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